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The MyPlan.com Community area features numerous tools to help you meet, communicate, learn from, and advise other MyPlan.com members.

There are general features like forums, private messaging & user profiles — you can see descriptions of these on the righthand side below. You can also access these at any point using the buttons above.

There are also specific features for each community group, such as reviews, polls, and ratings. For example, each college has its own usergroup and section for reviews, polls and ratings. To explore these community areas, begin by clicking on one of the four community groups below.

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  General Features
My Profile
View your public MyPlan.com profile! This is the profile about you that other MyPlan.com users can see. You can also add or edit information into your profile in a matter of seconds.
Thousands of general-topic and specific-topic discussion forums where you can meet and chat with other MyPlan.com members who are in specific careers, colleges or majors.
Private Messages
Want to chat with other MyPlan.com members, but don't want your communications to be public? Try using Private Messages! — works just like email.
Network Stats
Curious about who uses MyPlan.com? This section provides you with details about who is currently on MyPlan.com as well as summary stats about what types of people have historically registered on MyPlan.com.

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